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How to Recover PayPal Account without Phone Number?

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Here is Everything to Learn While Recovering PayPal Account without Phone Number

PayPal is one of the best money transfer accounts across the world. It has an amazing PayPal account app that personalizes payment link to offer the professional invoices, email payments, buyer protection policy and everything. So you can deny this thing that you are not a user of the smartphone but if you want to install it on your device, you can have excellent tips to use it instantly.

How to Recover PayPal Account without Phone Number?

Additionally, if you have installed the app of PayPal account and using it to transfer the money to someone, at this you need to also keep remember the password to access and check out the balance and also can send money to your friends, relatives, and clients without making any problem. Unfortunately, if you lost the password, you recover it instantly. To recover the password soon, it requires a mobile phone number but if you lost it also, you can use an alternate email address that helps you to get back your account soon. It is PayPal Account Recovery without Phone Number process in which you have to enter the different verification resources to verify your account appropriately.

Following are the Ways Assisting You to Recover the PayPal Account without Phone Number

  • At first, open your phone and go to the PayPal account app and try to access your account using its correct email address and password.
  • If there is showing an error while accessing then click on the forgot password button and dial the number.
  • But you will receive a code on your registered number, but for that, you need to mention the alternate email address.
  • Check the code on the email address that you have mentioned and then soon after a password recovery code would be showing on the next page.
  • It is a time now to enter the new fresh password into both new and confirm password at the end of the task.  

For additional assistance and information, feel frank to call our world-class tech support team at any time.

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